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Gruda to Stay in France

May 17, 2011 1:19pm

From the Swish Appeal, head coach Mike Thibault of the Connecticut Sun expects Center Sandrine Gruda to stay in France for the upcoming season.

Taking the UConn Influence too Far?

May 17, 2011 11:56am

9th-year Sun coach Mike Thibault hopes to return the Sun to the playoffs. One thing he is banking on is the continuity of the squad and their connection to the Connecticut fan base with their influx of UConn players.

“(Ex-Huskies player Renee) Montgomery believes having UConn players is vital to the Sun’s popularity. In many ways, the Sun is the only WNBA franchise where she would feel the same reverence from fans that she knew at UConn.”

Obviously there isn’t another women’s collegiate program to draw from in terms of players that know how to win and have succeeded on that level, but enough is enough. Fans want to embrace a winning team, and whether they knew them or supported them in college can only carry so much weight.

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