Interview: Silver Stars preview with STL and HFH from SS Nation

May 22, 2012 10:00am

Hot For Hammon (HFH) and STL are the owners of Silver Stars Nation and once again took the time to share their thoughts about the upcoming Silver Stars season.  The Silver Stars Nation forum has evolved into a site where you can find live chats during SASS games, an active message board, and interviews with Silver Stars players, coaches, and staff.

The Silver Stars started the season with a 88-79 win over the Tulsa Shock at the BOK Center in Tulsa, led by Sophia Young’s 20 points, Becky Hammon’s 9 assists, and some crucial 3-pt field goals from Shameka Christon off the bench.

How much improvement might we see from 2nd year players Danielle Robinson and Danielle Adams? I imagine this could be a year they both take a big leap forward.

STL – I think that DRob still needs to settle down some, she is so fast but also a little out of control. The pre-season game against Indy she had 4 PF’s and 7 TO’s… she can’t give up 7 TO’s in the regular season PLUS 4 PF’s and only contribute 4 points. With DA the key is keeping that foot healthy. She had issues last season with it and off and on her entire Euro season in Italy. So if she stays healthy I see no reason why she wouldn’t pick up where she left off.

HFH – From Robinson I’m hoping we some development in her court vision. She plays at such fast pace I think she needs to learn to slow down and take the time to see the entire court and use her peripheral vision. Last season she tended to only see what was in front of her and missed opportunities for a better play. I think/hope for some development in that aspect of her game. What I am hoping to see from Adams is her picking up where she left off. She showed she was capable both in the post and on the perimeter and she doesn’t lack confidence. I’d like to see some improvement in shot selection. And I hope to see improvement/dedication to her body. She is going to have to make some changes if she wants to avoid injury and last a full season.

What are some realistic expectations for Shameka Christon (update: she had 16 points including 3/5 from 3pt in just under 16 minutes in Saturday’s game), as it has been awhile since we have seen her in action? Might she be a player that makes a bigger impact in the 2nd half of the season?

STL – Seems that Christon hasn’t played in a long time and is working back into shape. Christon has been a solid player in the past but unfortunately we may not be able to judge whether she can get back into form until after the season is well under way.

HFH – Patience…I think we will need to have some patience and give her a chance to get her game shape and rhythm. I was at the preseason game here in SA and she looked like she had the determination to get back and compete. And looking at the box score from the second game in Indiana it looks like there was some improvement from game to game. If she keeps playing as hard as she did in the preseason game I was at, I’m thinking she can get close to being the Shameka we are used to seeing, maybe a ¼ of the way into the season, but defiantly by the break. At least that is my hope. I’m really pulling for her.

How good can the Silver Stars be? After starting the year surprisingly well, they had a stretch where they went 3-8 with Danielle Adams out. Then they regrouped toward the end of the year when it seemed everyone had forgotten about them and gave Minnesota their only playoff loss. (as well as dropping a 1-pt heartbreaker in the first game)

STL – With DA they were a great team, they took Minny to the brink a couple times last season and Minny was saved by last second shots. And as dominate as Minny was all season last year I think that says a lot for the Stars. I do think the Stars will be better this season and get into the playoffs once again. I think we have a couple solid rookies again this year so the team is steadily getting younger and faster.

HFH – We have some very good pieces and the potential to be really good and compete every night, but we need a good consistent center that can provide inside post play. If we don’t get significant improvement in rebounding, I doubt we do much better than last season. We would have to be shooting lights out every night to compensate for those missed possessions rebounding provides. One thing I am excited about is our draft pick Shenise Johnson, she was fantastic in her preseason play (update: Saturday’s game, Johnson played 18min, with 5 points, 2 steals and 4 rebounds). I think we really hit the jackpot when she fell to #5 and I’m looking forward to seeing her develop. I think she can be an impact player from the start and come right in and contribute much the same way our rookie class did last season.

Do you think Ziomara Morrison makes this team? (update: Morrison made the team but DNP (0:09 seconds) on Saturday) Her size could really be an asset for this team.

STL – I think that she has a shot. She deserves a shot! She is young and big and in pre-season has shown she can play. Granted, every young player has a lot to learn but I think she is definitely worthy of making the team.

HFH – I really hope she makes it. Granted it was just one preseason game I saw her play in, but she was very impressive. I’m a fan! She not only has size but she is the most athletic post player this team has seen in a very long time. She has size, speed and strength. What really impressed me was she played hard every possession and she played with confidence. She showed both an inside and perimeter game. She showed the potential to be HUGE upgrade over Appel. I think she can provide some help in the one area we need the most help in.


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