Despite the win, Tulsa’s still got issues

June 19, 2011 9:30am

Despite last night’s 77-59 win over the Washington Mystics, the issues that have plagued the Shock this season (and for the past couple of seasons, actually) still showed up in the win. Tulsa’s issues are as follows: their best performer right now (Ivory Latta) is the starting PG. However, their franchise player is a 19-year-old 6-8 traditional post.’s women’s basketball analyst Mechelle Voepel discussed this issue in a recent chat. Her thoughts are in accord with what many others think WRT Tulsa’s issues this season. Tulsa is a point guard short. Latta is doing what she can to lead the team and does well as a scorer, but the team needs someone who comes off the bench who is the exact opposite–someone who can run some semblance of an offense. Andrea Riley is not that player. Unless Tulsa figures this out soon, their one win will serve as their only win for the next month.

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